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On request, we will be happy to send you a price list for burnishing or phosphating of metal parts. These price lists are based on the price / kg depending on the delivery quantity.

Browning days: Wednesday and Thursday
Prices: see price list
Conditions: Prices quoted ex works, excluding VAT
Terms of payment: 10 days net cash


1. If the workpieces can be mixed and are sorted out by the customer himself, the price for the total weight will be charged.

2. Additional services, such as slide grinding or similar, are charged separately - but only after prior agreement with the customer.

3. Hardened parts do not receive the beautiful black and blue components. They may turn gray to brown and can also be spotty. This is due to the hardening and cannot be influenced by us.

4. Castings can vary in colour from reddish brown to brown to black.

5. Felt pen inscriptions, adhesive tape residues, chips and other impurities at the surface, in threads and blind holes, will not be removed by us.

In addition, browning salt residues can be found in blind holes and in scooping geometry values. This may not be able to be done otherwise.

6. The burnished parts are lubricated by us with a good anti-corrosion oil as standard.

7. We can handle parts with a max. length of 1100mm, a max. width of 400mm and a max. depth of 500mm. In the case of plates, is has to be ensured that there are guided holes and / or pockets so that the parts also subside.
Furthermore, a max. Part weight of 40kg to be heard.

8. On request, we can also phosphate the parts (zinc-calcium phosphatization). Part size and weight as for burnishing.



Our sales department will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.



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