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Wallpach - Technik


Wallpach has been producing metal parts for around 80 years.

Up until the 1980s these were mainly metal buttons, jewelry and accessories, today more than 90 %
of the annual turnover is generated by technically high-quality stamped parts made of stainless
steel, aluminum and conventional steel. Nevertheless buttons and souvenirs are still an important
part of Wallpachs identity and business.

In 1941 Arno v. Wallpach bought a factory building on the industrial site of Golling-Obergäu
that had been vacant for a long time in order to set up a metal goods factory.

Arno v. Wallpach - the father of our managing director Helga Wallpach - had been producing arts
and crafts in Salzburg since 1934. In addition, the trade license for the production of
metal buttons was granted in 1936. These products would later become the backbone of the entire
production program. In autumn 1944, the mechanical department with around 20 employees moved to
the factory building in Golling.

The building itself was built at the end of the 19th century. The initial plans of the
industrialist Dr. Kellner to set up an electrochemical factory here as a branch of the
Hallein paper and cellulose factory failed, because, despite several attempts, it was not
possible to build a weir system for generating electricity at the exit of a narrow part of the
Salzach river. The caverns for anchoring this unsuccessful try can still be seen today.

As a reminder of the original purpose, a chimney, which coudld be seen from afar,
had been preserved. Due to safety reasons it was removed in 2016.

In 1957, Helga Wallpach, the daughter of the company founder Arno v. Wallpach joined the company. After having worked in various management positions for more than 20 years,
she took over the general management of the company after her father retired in December 1978.

In the years that followed, numerous operational improvements and a fundamental reorganization
ensured the company's successful development.
Helga Wallpach is the recipient of the Golden Medal of Merit of the State of Salzburg and
was awarded the Silver Medal of Honor by the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce for
her entrepreneurial work.